Meet Nosipho

Women's Wellness Coach

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Hey, I am Nosipho.

A Wellness coach and founder of Intentional Living.


Helping others is something that brings meaning to
my life. I inspire positive, transformational changes to women going through life changes because I believe and have proved it directly in my own life that the choices we make moment to moment define our overall satisfaction with our lives and shape the meaning we choose to attach to the circumstances of our lives can make or break us.

I believe through small actions taken daily and consistently over time we can become who we envision ourselves to be and not live moment to moment feeling like we have forgotten the real reason why we are alive.


Providing a holistic wellness approach to living life is important to me because I see the tangible proof in my daily life how living an intentional life has given me immense peace, acceptance, abundance and a balanced life, body, mind, and soul.


I have been on this journey for a while now and each day lends itself to new insights about myself, the world, and others around me that helps me find joy in even the simple and mundane.

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By learning to intentionally taking care of yourself, body, mind, and soul the core tri-factors to a
balanced life, you will be able to positively shift how you show up in your life day to day. Getting your
‘house’ in-order is the start point to spring cleaning your life and I am here to help you to clear out all
that no longer serves you and cultivate that which will make you thrive!

I am here to help you:


  • Cultivate healthy lifelong nutritional, physical fitness, self-awareness and positive mindset habits
    and skills


  • Build a simple, easy to incorporate plan for your overall health that focuses on illness prevention and deeper life satisfaction


  • Live your life more mindfully and proactively


  • Manage your inner dialogue


  • Build a more compassionate and acceptance-based relationship with yourself and others

  • Ignite and spark introspection to form a strong purpose for living

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My Journey to Wellness Coaching

For as long as I can remember I have always found a sense of joy and fulfilment in being of service to other. With a 10 year background in the hotel industry I guess this trait got highlighted majorly.

It was not until 2015 when I had a major life shift that left me depressed, scrambling to figure out who I was and what I wanted from life. It was at this point I started joined my local gym to get out of my own head and do something outside my comfort zone.


It was as if I went from being in a comfortable daze of postponing and waiting for my life to begin to being abruptly woke up and forced to start living. It's been a journey of continuously embracing change and letting go of all that no longer serves my growth  so I can evolve into the best version of myself. 

My passion for wellness and living a life that is authentically mine has overtime become a full-time obsession for me, that coupled with an insatiable appetite for learning has given me the many tools to peel back the layers of self-protection I had built up unintentionally, I now get to express myself and present myself from a more authentic, peaceful, and content place which I believe is my true nature.

a black girl doing yoga
beach yoga in Durban

2020 presented a great opportunity for me wrapped in seeming ‘gloom and doom’. It presented me with the opportunity to press pause, step back from the hassle and bustle of a demanding, high pressure career and reflect on who I was, what I wanted and what lights up my fire.


During the past year I have spent copious number of hours, meditating, praying, seeking, answering core questions of who I am, what are my values, what impact, and legacy I want to leave in this world. This process has been messy, a roller coaster ride of emotions of exhaustion, impatience, frustration, peace, and stillness.

The realization of what I wanted to pursue came tumbling to me like a ton of bricks during a meditation, to start a business with nothing but an idea and the urge deep inside me to express my full potential.

I cannot explain it to you in words, but I got my life’s mission that morning and since that day my trajectory has been geared towards helping you be the best version of yourself body, mind and soul, no matter what external life circumstances may be depicting.

This is my calling, and I am incredibly grateful to be of service to you as you move towards your best self-one intentional step at a time!



a black girl by bhuddist statue at bhuddist retreat ixopo