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Thrive Experience


Jumpstart your wellness Journey


Why should you care about incorporating wellness habits to your daily routine you may ask?

The best way to look, feel great and have a more fulfilling life is to adopt wellness habits that nourish your mind,
body, and soul in a healthy realistic way. These are small but consistent actions that add up to create amazing, life
long, positive results! I am certain you are trying to improve yourself in a meaningful way, we all are! I want us to
experience what formulating wellness habits that are realistic for your current lifestyle looks like and show you one simple strategy on how to achieve long term consistency!

Through embracing the Thrive Experience, you will learn:

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Your personal definition of what wellness means for you.

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Small actions you can take immediately to jumpstart your journey.

In a yoga and meditation class online


A way to overcome your internal block to minimize self-sabotage

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How the Thrive Experience Challenge works...


For 5 days, you will receive a daily email from me—each email includes a simple wellness activity to improve your wellbeing.


Complete the assignment activity each day and engage on the Flawless Women Thriving Facebook group.


There is a daily prize draw. One lucky(hard working) participant that completes the daily challenge before 10pm will win. Completing challenges daily also qualifies you for the Grand Prize at the end of the week

About the Challenge Activities

  • Take a maximum of 15 minutes (fit them in whenever and have fun)

  • No equipment needed, anyone can do them

  • Will not cost you anything

  • Some things you may know, others not, just have fun


After signing up you’ll receive a confirmation email that will also give you the option to invite a friend (or several!) to join the Challenge with you. Who can finish the fun daily challenges every day will win?!?

 What this challenge will do for You 

New tips, tools and resources for adding more wellness to your daily life! This means feeling better—more
energized, less stressed, and more in control of the habits that impact your health.


Thanks for Joining. An email has been sent to you, just in case please check your spam/junkmail folder

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 about  me 

I’m Nosipho, the Wellness Coach behind Intentional Living. I was just like you, looking for ways to improve my overall life after a dramatic life changing event. I started off with a single habit, which to be honest, was a way for me to cope with the unfamiliar turn my life had just taken. Along the way, I found, by committing and acting daily to incorporate this habit in my life. I was slowly building up consistency, other related skills and habits that were positively shifting my life emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically, one action at a time. I’m not saying it will be easy, life happens however I know you can also cultivate some of these habits and build consistency long term because I did, and I am still doing it. Through small intentional actions taken daily and consistently over time you can become who you envision yourself to be.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Will Durant